Welcome to Krakow!

– All roads lead to the rest of the world… via Cracovia

We propose to you an interesting form of spending time in Krakow and Malopolska!

  • Local tradition and cuisine
  • Krakow as a capital of European culture
  • Music evenings in Krakow
  • Festung Krakow – fortifications of Krakow
  • Nowa Huta – unique workers’ town designed by the Soviets
  • The Krakow industrial heritage route
  • The paths of John Poul II

Incoming Tourist Services

  • Tour escorted “from airport to airport”
  • Novel form of visiting Krakow and Malopolska
  • Authorised guides and tour leaders
  • All-inclusive packages
  • Customised tours
  • Assistance services – babysitters, escorts for disabled tourists

VIA CRACOVIA Centre of Incoming Tourist Services
Anna Płachczewska-Rogozińska

Krakow, Poland
Telephone +48 12 412 75 59
GSM +48 661 061 436